Walking the Orchard

Walking the Orchard’ is part of the ongoing project at Aspall.

The contemporary rural landscape is tenuously reflected through these diffused images. These ambiguous images are for the viewer to consider their own understanding of the landscape. Upon close examination anything may become diffused and unclear if different from your own culture or what is unfamiliar. Therefore communication of loss and distance from the familiar is considered in these images of the contemporary rural landscape.

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286 Steps

286 Steps’ has been made availableto the public from 25 August to the 29 September.

The sense of place and the view of contemporary rural landscape was shared virtually through the online exhibition An Account of Apples, also the title of an on-going project with Aspall.

Leahy filmed her video at the 286th step from the main road into the orchard, honouring the company's 286 years of existence. In addition to its focus on apples and cyder-making, the project reflects on the present day rural landscape in Suffolk. "The simple act of making 286 steps took time and thought," said Leahy, "and each step is a glimpse into Aspall's commitment to Cyder making during it's three hundred year history."

"An online exhibition is a perfect place to show this work," said Leahy. "It is challenging as an artist and a way to connect Suffolk's contemporary rural landscape with a wider audience and to push the boundaries of the medium."

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